create 'tabular-type form' using 'create a blank form'option

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How can i create a 'tabular-type form' using 'create a blank from' option?
i.e i do not have any Source table. I simply want to display some values on that form in tabular fashion.

I tried to create a 'card-type form' and then i selected table-box control but then i am not able to enter values directly in that table-box.

Please help.


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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    There is not possible to do that... you MUST use some source table, but you can modify OnFindRecord, OnNextRecord, OnAfterGetRecord, OnAfterGetCurrRecord to show some imaginar values for example from some temporary table filled with the values... search for "temporary" on this form, may be you will find some posts about how to show values from temporary table (you can see some examples in demo database on form 6510 etc.)
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    ShenpenShenpen Member Posts: 386
    The source table can be the integer table or other virtual tables (take a look at the these reports: sales invoice and sales order confirmation).

    You can filter the integer table to f.e. have 10 colums, put global variables into the grid and populate them in OnAfterGetRecord.

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