Fixed Asset Default Dimensions

spenaspena Member Posts: 45
Hi There!

We imported Fixed Assets and ran our beginning balance depreciation. We missed the step of importing the default dimensions.

When I try and import the dimensions now, using Rapid Start, the dimensions do not import. It is strange because the data on my source file imports without error and I can apply the data without error.

Is there any reason why my dimensions would not be importing? Is it because I've already processed the first depreciation?

I can manually enter a dimensions, just not import the dimensions. Any tips would be appreciated. Please keep in mind the dimensions I'm trying to import is not a global dimension.




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    neilgfneilgf Member Posts: 148

    This will not stop you loading default dimensions. Are you loading data into table 352 via rapidstart? Presume you have exported a template, updated data, imported and then apply? If so have you made sure the data being loaded is assigned to type=fixed asset?

    Which version of Nav are you using? Rapidstart is in Nav 2013 onwards and is the new name for Data Migration tool in Classic.

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