Reading all the files in a folder from Navision programming?

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Hi All,
We can read a file from a file folder and import the data into Navision. This is normally achievable by using dataport and providing the path in the filename property. (which is hardcoded ).

However i do not want to use hardcoded file name , instead wants to read the available fiels in the specified file folder ( Only the folder name and path are fixed not the file name ) and also if there are 'n' no of files existing in the above folder then i have to read all the files one by one and import the data in each file into Navision.

All we want to do is .. read all the files put in this file folder and read one file by another and import the data into Navision thru dataport..

Is this achievable in Navision using any File/System commands ? If so how ???

Is it possible to execute any shell program / dos commands directly from
Navision to get this.??

Kindly help.


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    Hi ardent

    We've had one task where we had to read-in several files a day into the navision dos database (logistical).

    When starting the import-function, you first start a dos-batch that copies all files into one. Then you start the dataport.

    You can start a dos command via the callSYSTEM() Parmeter

    Hope, this helps
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