RDLC - Report Background Image when Sent as PDF via Mail

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Hello Everyone ,

im New to the whole RDLC - Report Design, so please be Kind to me, as I am new to this Forum as Well. I've tried Googling and Searching the Forum already, but i can't seem to find a Solution to my Problem.

I am trying to add a PDF as a Background for the RDLC - Report, only when sent via E-Mail from the NAV - Client. So far so good. Now to the Problem.

The PDF - Sizes are when Converted to PNG or JPG, so i can insert the Picture into a BLOB - Field, about 2480x3507, which seems to be far to Big for the Report. Only a Single Line is shown in the Report. However the 2480x3507 is exactly as Big as a DINA4 Paper. So i downsized the Image.

When downsized to, about 800x1100, the Report shows the Full Image, however it's so pixelated that you can't read the Background Image anymore.

The question is, how does the Report scale the Image, or how Big has the Image to be, so it's still Readable, when Sent?

Is there some Kind of Rule for this, which i am not aware of or Anything?

(Sorry for the not-so-perfect Englisch, not my Native-Language :shock: )
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