Setup the Filter in the OData coming from NAV2015 Query

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Could some help me with this:
I create a nav 2015 Query based on the Warehouse Entry (Fields:Item No., Location code,Bin Code, Quantity---Grouped fields:Item No., Location Code, Bin Code, and the Sum field is Quantity) with Group Function,
Name is "Lot Numbers by Bin Test",

and then I publish the OData Webservice based on this query, and the OData service Name is also "Lot Numbers by Bin Test",

I plan to get the Data through EXCEL->Power Query, and I want to set some filter for the Item No.

then I update the Power Query like the following:
Source = OData.Feed("http://jerry-pc.bejo.local:7048/DynamicsNAV80/OData/Company('Bejo Foreign Company')/Lot_Numbers_by_Bin_Test$filter=Item_No eq '19808500'")

But I get his Error:
DataSource.NotFound: OData: Request failed (404): The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found. (Resource not found for the segment 'Lot_Numbers_by_Bin_Test$filter=Item_No eq '19808500''.)
http://jerry-pc.bejo.local:7048/Dynamic ... pany('Bejo Foreign Company')/Lot_Numbers_by_Bin_Test$filter=Item_No eq '19808500'

I used to get the filtered data from the OData which is coming from Page Object, but How can't I get the data from it from Query?

I have tried with the address:"http://jerry-pc.bejo.local:7048/DynamicsNAV80/OData/Company('Bejo Foreign Company')/Lot_Numbers_by_Bin_Test&quot;, and it is working
I think I am wrong about adding the filter part.

Can anyone tell me how to setup the filter to the OData which is coming from Nav 2015 Query.

BTW I have tried to setup the "Filter" type in the Query and use this Filter type to filter the data ---also failed.

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