Data protectiong on G/L Entries in current versions?

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Some days ago, I had a discussion with a colleague about the modification of G/L lines.

We both were of the opinion that in Dynamics NAV, at least in older versions, it was not possible to change G/L data directly via the table view (to ensure the financial integrity of the data). But when we tried in our NAV 2015 solution we could change things like description, Sales (LCY) etc.

Is this something that have come via one of the newer versions of Dynamics NAV? Or are we just remembering the locking in older version wrong?


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    First can you clarify which table you are talking about? You mention "G/L Entries" but then also mention the field "Sales (LCY)". Which is not part of that table.

    The method for protecting the ledger tables has not changed in the new versions. It is controlled by the license. Are you sure you are not using a Partner license or a license that contains the Solution Developer granule? As you would need either of those to directly modify these tables from NAV.
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    Sorry took the example from the customer ledger entry table, but the same apply to the G/L table.

    Actually I think the customer license has the solution developer granule, I was just not aware that this made it possible for anybody to open the table and do changes (providing they have the modify rights) on the G/L table.

    Will see if I can find a customer without the developer granule to test the difference.
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    The solution developer granule is what controls this. But even with that granule the user still needs the direct modify right on the tabledata. So you might review your user permissions. Especially who you have assigned to the SUPER role.
    There are no bugs - only undocumented features.
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