Dynamics NAV/CRM connector - Exception thrown on NAV.

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The blank CRM/NAV went together per my previous thread.

But now, trying to sync a real database with plenty of data, NAV 2013, with CRM 2013 fails every time. It gets to the point of syncing NAV customer cards to CRM accounts and POOF. It immediately fails.

I set a connector filter to only grab ONE account by name, poof. Exception through.

Now THIS part is interesting: I set a connector filter to grab by name for a constraint that can't exist. ZERO records would be returned by this criterea, so: 1) if it doesn't fail it's likely the records and 2) if it does fail, it's likely the process of authenticating/communicating and not the records themselves. (Likely but still not guranteed.)

Well? With a zero record matching filter, IT STILL THROWS AN EXCEPTION.
Exception occurred in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
	--- Exception Dump --- 
	Caught Exception: [Microsoft.Dynamics.Integration.AdapterAbstractionLayer.AdapterException] Exception occurred in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
	Stack trace:
   at Microsoft.Dynamics.Integration.Adapters.Nav2009.NavObjectProvider.ReadObjectKeys(DateTime modifiedDate)
   at Microsoft.Dynamics.Integration.Service.Tasks.MapWork.ReadObjectKeyList(DbMap map, DateTime queryDate, Int32& count)
   at Microsoft.Dynamics.Integration.Service.Tasks.MapWork.ProcessRecordsImplementation(OperationType operationType)

	Inner Exception: [System.NullReferenceException] Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
	Stack trace:
   at Microsoft.Dynamics.Integration.Adapters.Nav2009.CustomerObjectProvider.ReadDynamicObjectKeys(DateTime modifiedDate)
   at Microsoft.Dynamics.Integration.Adapters.Nav2009.NavObjectProvider.ReadObjectKeys(DateTime modifiedDate)

	User: _________\CRMRunner
	Machine: _________-SQL01

There are no other errors. CRM doesn't list any errors. The connector only lists "Exception occurred in Dynamics NAV" and doesn't log anything to a file, even with tracing set to full.


  • Mitchel_HurstMitchel_Hurst Member Posts: 3
    I found the same thread in Dynamics Community.


    See if it fixes your issues.
  • ArhontisArhontis Member Posts: 664
    Hello Katko,

    I will share my personal experience regarding CRM connector for Nav.

    I researched the possibility on using it in a solution of ours and I encounter many misbehaviors and difficulties in combining it with our custom entities.

    In addition, I encountered many problems or errors that I could not figure out why or how to overcome and it was very much time consuming.

    As a result I decided to build my own add-in that connects to CRM and creates/updates data by calling its functions from a MBS Nav NAS (Nav version 2013) and it went smoothly because we had control on what was happening and create a detail log on MBS Nav.

    I hope you overcome your troubles and please share your experience here for other people to know.

    Best regards,
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