Inventory & Job Posting

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We've been using NAV inventory controls with the setup of stock items being receipted having costs going to the G/L stock account and when issued posting to jobs and then moving to the materials G/L account so it's a pretty straightforward setup that allows us to monitor stock levels and allocate costs on issue.

I've now been asked to have items being purchased going straight to the materials account and job on receipt but still have a stock holding that can be issued out, i.e. all costs posted to job right away but quantity in stores still tracked and issued on use.

Basically the current setup is for general stock so costs can only be allocated on issue to the job but we want costs going to job right away but still tracking inventory levels (essentially splitting costs and quantity).

I'm not sure if this is possible and what setup is needed so any advice would be appreciated!

This is for 2009 RTC
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