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Hugo_VogelsHugo_Vogels Member Posts: 3
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I have a card page with 4 fields saved under no 50086.
When I run it, it only shows 1 field.

Expanded Type SubType SourceExpr Name Caption
1 Container ContentArea <Control1000000000> <Control1000000000>
1 Group Group Algemeen <Algemeen>
0 Field "No." <No.> <Nr.>
0 Field Name <Name> <Naam>
0 Field Address <Address> <Adres>
0 Field City <City> <Plaats>

no properties are set.

When I change the number to, for example, 50088 all four fields are shown.

If I save another simple page to no 50086, that page is also not shown the right way.
It looks like there is cast a spell on that number.

I build the server application again etc. What can cause this, and how can I solve it. I know there's an easy workaround, but ...



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    BardurKnudsenBardurKnudsen Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 137
    Sounds like you have a personalization or configuration set for page 50086. What if you try 'customize this page' and add the fields? Or better, go to 'Delete User Personalization' and see if you can find page 50086 there, and if so, delete the entry/entries.
    Bardur Knudsen
    Microsoft - Dynamics NAV
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    Hugo_VogelsHugo_Vogels Member Posts: 3
    Thanks. The page was listed in Delete Profile Configuration. I removed it there.

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