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I figured this out. It is in the MSDN Documentation for 2015, even though this is happening in a 2013 database and is not documented as such on the MSDN. Boooooo...

Hey people,

I am experiencing an issue with the "Apply Usage Link" check box on Jobs, when posting a Job Usage Journal entry. Seems that having the box checked and a blank line type on the Job Usage Journal entry is causing duplicate Planning Lines to be entered for the Job.

Is this a known issue, or is Jobs with the "Apply Usage Link" checked supposed to do this?

Here is the detail.

Thanks for any help.

Job Planning Lines being added to Job during Job Usage Journal Posting (Page Job Journal (201)) with Line Type Blank. Planning Lines are only supposed to be added to a Job when a Job Usage Journal is Posted if the Line Type is “Schedule, or Schedule and Contract”. This seems to be related to the Page Job Card (88) Field Apply Usage Link (1025).

If Field Apply Usage Link (1025) is checked on a Job and a Job Usage Journal is Posted with the Line Type as “Blank” a new Planning Line gets created for the Job. This does not happen if “Apply Usage Link” is not checked on the Job and a Job Usage Journal with the Line Type “Blank” is Posted.
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