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Hi all,

Some in my organization believe it's possible to implement NAV2015 with the Web Client Only. There are a few documents that describe the things that are "missing" from the Web Client, like the ability to change company, change workdate, Departments menu missing, inability to perform personalizations, etc.

I'm looking for someone with practical experience that can provide other things that aren't explicitly mentioned that are often overlooked.

Here is the MSDN article that names the Feature Limitations of the Web Client. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh168959(v=nav.71).aspx



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    my practical experience with providing a demo installation with web client access only is that we shitcanned the idea before the prospective customer got tortured with it. We went for windows client on RDP instead. From a technology perspective that was what we wanted to avoid (VM with GUI login on Azure), but at least it worked with acceptable performance. And you didn't have to tailor the pages for web access (you can't add/remove columns for example, don't know if that has changed recently).
    To get this into perspective (and this pesky born-on-PowerPoint idea to be shot down) is to just try to do some everyday NAV tasks in the demo database. Like actually entering, reconciling and posting a G/L journal. This should be enough to get an idea of what it will be like to work with this.

    with best regards

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    aseigleaseigle Member Posts: 207
    Thank you very much for your input. As a "user," I've gone through some of the trials and tribulations of day to day activities. One of the most annoying things I've found is that all of the Line Actions are in the ribbon at the top, usually divided into multiple sections. So as you fill out the Sales line for example, you have to stop, go to the ribbon to do something, and then return to the lines. While not a complete deal breaker it does slower a user down making them less efficient.
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