Only very specific versions of Office 2013 allow PowerPivot

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Unlike in Excel 2010, it is not downloadable separately. It is either there or not. And only PowerPlus, 365 PowerPlus and Standalone have it. E.g. we are using in a subsidiary Home and Business version and it is not there.

https://support.office.com/en-ca/articl ... field_list

Note that it is not that hugely useful anyway. I have tested it by linking it to the Item, Sales Line and Item Ledger Entry tables, creation connections between them based on Item No. and then have put a Pivot Table on it. It worked so far that I could make table where rows are item numbers and there are two value columns, summing quantities from each. It is good so far, but it was not possible to set up a proper report, where each calculated column has different filters: say Sales Order Quantity or Inventory/Sales Quantity for Jan, Feb, March...

Well, that is pretty much rubbish anyway...

... we can do without it, I am just saying it mainly to partners that it can be a big embarrassment when you sell NAV and promise Power Pivot to customers and then it turns out their Office does not support it.

Excel Standalone is $99 on Amazon but I think USA only.


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