Cost Posting to GL Issue

Rocky4uRocky4u Member Posts: 3

Need help in finding the root cause of issue
Version : NAV 2009 R2

Problem Statement :
When User Posted Negative Inventory Adjustment in September last year the Cost of Adjustment was not completely posted to GL. Rather remaining Cost was posted in subsequent months until April 2015 By Adjust Cost- Item Entries Report. We have Inventory Setup as
Automatic Cost Posting : True
Expected Cost Posting to G/L : True
Automatic Cost Adjustment : Never (we run Adjust Cost- Item Entries Report daily )
Costing Method we use is Average.

Finance team needs the answer why the entire amount got posted to G/L at the time the Negative Adjustment was made and Even if Adjust Cost- Item Entries Report posted the remaining value why dint it post entire amount in its next run after the entry and why it kept posting these values in subsequent months.

Any help would be appreciated.



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    vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,125

    Did you do adjustments resulting into negative inventory? This would result in cost adjustements after you replenish your inventory, applying the received quantity to the outgoing entry

    Please check your Item Application Entries. In which periodes have applications been created, and what was the posting date of those applicatons.

    Further complications arise from closed periods, both inventory periods and general accounting periods and the posting allowed setting. and finally the averaging periode might add to the complexity.
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    Rocky4uRocky4u Member Posts: 3
    We never closed Inventory period.Hence Item adjust cost report was adjusting Values of entries in past.
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