Opening Stock Rapid Start and Lot Numbers

anroo2006anroo2006 Member Posts: 9
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Is there an easy way to upload item journal lines with lot numbers for opening stock entries?

Any ideas would be much appreciated



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    graveczgravecz Member Posts: 35
    I think there is no easy way to achieve that. It's nonsense/suicide to create Reservation entries by RapidStart..

    You can code a little bit to make it easier. If you have one Item journal line against one Lot Number, you can create new column at Item journal line called Lot no. and create function called "Insert lot no to item tracing lines" which can create Reservation entry for each Item journal line (by one click - we have similar modification in Physical inventory journal).
    But if you have more lots against one Item journal line, no advice ... you must create it manually.
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    awarnawarn Member Posts: 261

    We have done as above many times, and the first responder is correct. Fill a column (maybe the Lot No. column) with the lot number, and then run a routine to CLEAR THAT FIELD, and create a reservation entry.
    For items with multiple lots, you have to do one journal at a time, creating more ledgers than you like.

    Another way is to create a second table, a copy of 337, and import your data there, and run a routine to create reservations out of that data.

    I work in a vertical with highly customized item tracking records, instead of just lot serial we use about 10 different fields to uniquely identify item tracking records, and I would NEVER write a reservation entry directly, always use the CreateReservation codeunit and functions.
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