NAV2015 Email Quote, Sales order. LDAP server is unavailable

KCLaiKCLai Member Posts: 31
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When connected to office Domain, I could email quote and SO.
but when at Home (without connecting to Domain), I received error LDAP server is unavailable.
Full error as follow

A call to Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.SMTP.MailHelpers.TryGetEmailAddressFrom Active Directory failed with this message: The LDAP server is unavailable.

NAV 2015 PU6 was installed recently.

Has anyone faced this issue?


  • knmknm Member Posts: 170
    I'm experiencing the same issue with NAV2016. Have you ever been able to resolve this issue?
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 27
    If you debug your session, can you check which dotnet variable causes the error? Has this dotnet variable runonclient property to yes?
  • knmknm Member Posts: 170
    The error is returning on COD397 (Mail) at MailHelpers.TryGetEmailAddressFromActiveDirectory
    LOCAL GetActiveDirectoryMailFromUser() : Text
    IF FileManagement.CanRunDotNetOnClient THEN
      IF CANLOADTYPE(MailHelpers) THEN

    And yes, the OnRunClient is set to Yes.
  •[email protected] Member Posts: 27
    Then you have it. It is a design error of microsoft. The real question is: How to resolve it? My brain hurts!

    Which E-Mail do you want to use for sending the quote, if you are at home? I guess we have to find a workaround for your specific problem.

    If the email is the same, then there is maybe the possiblity to use the primary outlook account on your home office pc to send the mail. In this case we have to change the code a little bit, to make this possible.

    It's a pitty that I dont have the environment to test this issue.

    You can also open a Microsoft call and ask them, how to resolve this.
  • knmknm Member Posts: 170
    Thanks for your input in this. I'll most likely reach out to Microsoft with regards to this.
  • KCLaiKCLai Member Posts: 31
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    I managed to skip the line in Code397 and it worked.

    CollectCurrentUserEmailAddresses(VAR TempNameValueBuffer : TEMPORARY Record "Name/Value Buffer")

  • souoiksouoik Member Posts: 108
    but if i met [//AddAddressToCollection('AD',GetActiveDirectoryMailFromUser,TempNameValueBuffer);] in comment a nother message run i manage my smtp On google SMTP and it dosn't work
    i think it is the solution manager if i have anothore product excepte microsoft producte (outlook or office365 ) can corerectly running?? !!!
    sorry but you can put your openion about this ;
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