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Hello All,

I am in no means an expert in the win CE or c/front arena, but here goes.

We have a symbol mc3000 scanner/hand computer that we would like to use for our next phys. inventory. Has anyone developed a "connection" between win ce and navision? using c/front or what ever??? I would like the people to just scan the items bar code bar code and the enter the quantity on the hand help and have it write directly into the item journal or a table we create...

Currently we can scan and enter the quantity into an excel type spreadsheet on Win CE, but then we have to save and download from the hand held and then import and batch into Navision.

Any ideas???

Steve :-k


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    jonsan21jonsan21 Member Posts: 118

    I've worked quite a bit with WinCE, Barcode Scanner and Navision sitting in SQL Server.

    There is at least 3 solutions I've came up with, and none of them using CFRONT. Nevertheless I will just share it here.

    1. Realtime scanning - Terminal Service Client
    WinCE normally comes with Terminal Server Client, so what I did was to create a Navision screen just for the purpose of scanning, i.e Specific user ID, specific form, and use wireless connectivity to connect to any Terminal Server.
    For the HW I use Pocket Loox 610 and ActiveScan the barcode scanner.

    2. Realtime scanning - OLEDB
    I ever developed a solution using OLEDB from WinCE. Microsoft has embedded visual tools free for download. You can use this and develop custom application into your WinCE devices and connect to SQL using OLEDB.

    3. Batch Scanning - SQL Server Replication and SQL Server CE
    As the name suggest this time round SQL Server Merge Replication is used. The tricky part here is that to get Navision user to fill a temp table, synchronize this table to WinCE device. At the WinCE device again use embedded visual tools to capture your serial no or whatever, save it to SQL CE, replicate back to Navision temp table and use Navision job scheduler to update any table you need from the temp table information.

    I'm sorry if I lost you, anyway these are just ideas - on how you want to implement it, it's up to you.
    I personnaly like the third one best, although not as real time as the first two, but it gives better stability (as last time I was having some problem with the intermitten connectivity of the WinCE)



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    SteveSteve Member Posts: 81
    Thanks for the info. I will give it a try this week.

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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    We have customer which is using Symbol too, and solution is the terminal server with Navision with special "small" windows for the Win CE - do not set resolution of the terminal server to fix the screen, set the windows to this settings:

    Width = 5720 (+/- some value)
    Height = 6050 (+/- some value)
    Maximizable = No
    Sizeable = No
    AutoPosition = CenterScreen
    SaveTableView = No
    SavePosAndSize = No

    Use minimal font size 7, you can disable the status bar and the menu bar on the terminal server and if you run Navision after logging to the TS automatically, it is easy and simple solution for you... Remember, that every message box etc. must have short lines to fit to the screen (users only center the screen to the middle and they see whole window (create special main menu for the users to see only needed functions on small window)...
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    MVP - Dynamics NAV
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