Pasting issues in NAV 2015 client and Developer Environment

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I am using NAV 2015 Cumulative Update 6 (Build 40459) AU. I was quite surprised when I found that I could not paste data on any field.

I could make the paste rows work but not the paste. Pressing Ctrl + V does not work either. Nor does right click and select paste option. I can still make copy and paste work on the NAV 2013R2 on my laptop so I don't think it is my laptop is having an issue.

I tested it on my laptop as well as another colleague so it cannot be a problem on my computer. Both are laptops are Windows 7 so I not sure if it is an issue with only Windows 7.

On a separate issue, I found that it is also an issue to paste data into the NAV 2015 Developer Environment. I could paste data only if I select the entire row of code from the Developer Environment. But if I select just a word and try and pasting it, nothing is pasted. The copy and paste works on the Notepad.

Anyone is facing issues with pasting in the Navision client or the developer environment? :-k

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    engsiong75engsiong75 Member Posts: 143
    Hi everyone

    One of my team member found the issue. Apparently if any browser is running (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome(Even running in the background), the copy and paste will not work.

    This also clears up the paste issue in the Developer Environment.

    Now, all I have to do is to figure out how to explain this to the users that they cannot use web browser while using NAV 2015.
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