How to print Encrypted barcode?

RachelSoonRachelSoon Member Posts: 202
Hi there,
I am having the barcode font size from the customer, however, the barcode which has been printed is UNABLE to be scanned by an encrypted scanner.

If the barcode is generated from barcode generator, we are able to copy and paste the barcode to MS Word, and the barcode is able to be scanned.

If the barcode is print by the barcode font, then it's unable to be scanned by an encrypted scanner.

Meaning to say that, the barcode for "123" generated by barcode font (non-encrypted) and barcode generator (encrypted) is different.

Kindly advise how to proceed to print the encrypted barcode from NAV 2013 report.

Thank you.



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    Jan_VeenendaalJan_Veenendaal Member Posts: 206
    I'm not sure what you mean by 'encrypted' in this context.
    In most cases the actual scannable barcode for 123 is not just those three characters, but something like *123*
    Sometimes also extra information is in the barcode like a checksum-character that enables error detection. So you need to know what your barcode reader is configured for, to be able to print the right barcode from NAV (or any other app).
    Jan Veenendaal
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