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Hi there guys. I'm searching over the all knowing forums and nowhere I can't find the solution for my problem. I have NAV 2015 and NAV 2013R2. When I try to export any list from NAV, i get blank excel worksheet. I'm using Office 2013 pro plus. The Dynamics NAV Add In is installed in Excel. What can it be this problem.
Thanks for yours time and advice.

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    sorenhinrupsorenhinrup Member Posts: 136

    I have previously seen that Windows Update have given some issues with Nav integration with Excel.
    Have you tried to disable the addin in Excel -> restart Excel -> Enable the addin again -> restart Excel.

    That have often solved the issue for me.
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    aceXaceX Member Posts: 166
    sorenhinrup, thank you my friend. The problem is solved on a different way based on your advice. When I've disable Dynamics NAV Add In I've tried to export that list, and that NAV gives me to open or save that list (which is work in both cases). If I enable that plug in I'm getting again blank excel. But ... when it works with disabled plugin ... it works .. :)

    Thank you for fast response sorenhinrup and for advice.

    Best regards to all mibuso members
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