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Hi All,

I have set up document approvals successfully before - so not sure what is happening here, unless I have forgotten something. I cannot find anything obvious. Test Approval setup comes up as everything 100%, test mail comes up fine and I receive my test mail so I know SMTP settings are fine.

When entering a Purchase Invoice, I am unable to release it - with the standard error stating an approval request must be sent - so that proves setup is ok. However when selecting the "Send Approval Request" option I get the following error.

"user id does not exist in the user setup table for Salesperson./Purch. code"

However - as you can see both the users set up in my demo have a Salesperson/Purch. code against them so I am a little confused.


If anyone can point me to what I may have missed I would be grateful so I can get these e-mails triggered for the demo.

Thanks everyone :)


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    neilgfneilgf Member Posts: 148

    Have a look at the document approval templates to see how the approval process works - user id or salesperson approval.

    This may be the cause of the issue. Frustrating process to set up but great when working!
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    TPReggieTPReggie Member Posts: 29
    Thanks guys, I have managed to figure it out. It was a combination of the templates and local currency being different to that on the Vendor - which when Exchange Rate was taken into account came under the user's limit - so allowing him to approve his own orders - bleeding frustrating to set this up and get it working 100%

    Appreciate the comment Neil :wink:
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