Two Navision clients - One server

Ingmar79Ingmar79 Member Posts: 2

We are running Windows 2012 R2 RDSH servers, where our users connect to. I have a partition on those servers, that holds our Navision 5.1 client installation. So we have 10 Remote Desktop Server Hosts with 10 x E:\program Files\Navision 5.1 Client\etc. We are running a SQL 2012 server for the Navision database, with maintenance plans etc. Navision 5.1 is our main ERP system.

We bought a WMS system as a suplement to the Navision 5.1 ERP. This WMS system is using Dynamics 2015. So I will setup a second SQL 2012 Std server with a Dynamics 2015 server for the WMS.

My question: Can I run a Navision 5.1 client along side a Dynamics 2015 client on the RDSH servers? Basically, can I run these two Navision/dynamics clients on the same server?

I hope I explained things well. If something is not clear, please let me know :)
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