TAX Difference to Posted Document Line & GL Tax Enteries

sunnyksunnyk Member Posts: 276
Hi All,
Is the TAX difference not flow to GL and Tax Entries? We have a vendor Invoice which calculated the TAX in the Document Currency(other than LCY) as 371.75. But the System calculates the TAX as 371.71(Rounding is set to nearest). We did change the TAX Amount on statistics window to 371.71 and TAX difference came as 0.04. But when we posted the invoice it again becomes 371.71 on both Tax entries and GL and the tax difference is posted as 0. Any idea where we miss the settings?


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    sunnyksunnyk Member Posts: 276
    Hello All,
    Is the TAX difference calculated on Statistic Window or form at the time of posting the Purchase invoice(We are posting Invoice using get Receipt Lines and not from PO itself) not flowing to Tax entries?
    For E.g. We created a Invoice for Vendor XX1234 and System calculates the TAX as 231.86 but the vendor invoice have tax showing as 231.9, So on Statistic form we change the TAX amount to 231.90 and TAX difference come as 0.04. Till now all ok. But when we post the Invoice, the Tax is posted as 231.86 instead of 231.9 and the TAX difference also shows 0.00 on Tax entries and on posted invoice statics form. Any Idea?
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