Receiving without a PO

rosinerosine Member Posts: 29
Hi Guys!

How do you handle the situation when stock needs to be received but the Po was never created and after PO must be assigned to that receiving.



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    vanrofivanrofi Member Posts: 272

    If you want to stick to the standard procedure, you can do this in an item journal, option Purchase.
    Assigning PO to the receiving afterwards? not possible.

    How can you receive goods, if you didn't order any?
    If you make a purchase other before receiving and you post this for receipt, you can still add the external documentno. afterwards on the order and posted receipt (if you make the field editable first).

    If you use warehouse receipt, it only gets more complicated to receive without PO.

    Nevertheless i would suggest to review procedures! Make the actual order in Navision, can't be that difficult.

    Good luck
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