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Hi all,

We are experiencing a problem in an installation we don't know if it's possible to solve it only adjusting some settings.

Our customer uses some work centers to manage operations that could not be interrupted by other production order operation. NAV, when planning production order operations tries to fill capacity gaps in ever work/machine center, so in some cases, an operation for a production order is splitted in different non-continuous segments.

For example, think in a painting work center and you need 4 hours to paint a piece of the item to produce (work center with capacity = 1, eficiency = 100% and limited maximun load to 100%). NAV will try to assign this task in order to accomplish a finish date or from an init date. It only looks for capacity gaps in the work/machine center... so, it's possible that NAV assigned 30 minutes a day, 1 hour the day after in the morning, 15 minutes in the afternoon... I mean, it has no sense for tasks that require some kind of unique preparation or no fragmentable ones (think, for example, in boiling an egg: you cannot dedicate two minutes today and eight tomorrow, you need a continuous dedication to the task). The only allowed interruption should be those due to work/machine center calendar (time for having lunch, sleeping,...)

Does someone know if there is some kind of setting in NAV 2013 to avoid this task splitting?

Thank you,


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    Have you found a solution to this? I am having the same issue, and it is causing some chaos with our scheduler.
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