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I have published Page 42 (Sales Order) in the Web Services table calling it TestSO. Next I am going to Excel, creating an ODATA source referencing the page but I am not seeing the Sales Lines as part of the data. I am positive the ODATA feed includes both the Sales Header and Sales Line data behind the scenes but I am not sure how to make Excel understand this.

In Excel try going to the Data tab, From Other Sources, From ODATA Feed.

Use a url referencing the TestSO ODATA feed (in the Link or File field) : [url=http://yourcomputer:yourport/DynamicsNAV80-3/OData/Company('CRONUS USA, Inc.']http://yourcomputer:yourport/DynamicsNA ... 2C%20Inc.'[/url])/TestSO it pulls only the Sales Header Data. This works but I want both Sales Header and SalesLines

If I use this url [url=http://yourcomputer:yourport/DynamicsNAV80-3/OData/]http://yourcomputer:yourport/DynamicsNAV80-3/OData/[/url] it displays TestSO and TestSOSalesLines. I can select them both but when it goes to grab the data it gives me a standard error (400 Bad Request ).

If I use powerpivot and create a data feed there using [url=http://yourcomputer:yourport/DynamicsNAV80-3/OData/]http://yourcomputer:yourport/DynamicsNAV80-3/OData/[/url] it shows both TestSO and TestSOsalesLines but as soon as click them both and go to the next screen I get the same 400 Bad Request error.

So my question is can anyone publish page 42 and get it to pull both Sales Header and Sales Lines into Excel? I know it can be done but it just isn't working for me.


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    I found an answer to my problem.

    In the Admin tool on the Service machine you have to set a "Services Default Company". If you don't do this you are forced to include the company in your url in Excel. Which further means if you use the company in your url you can only select a single page at a time. But setting a default company you no longer have to specify the company in the url (like this http://yourserver:27048/DynamicsNAV80-3/OData/) so you can select multiple queries/pages to pull into excel.

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