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Hi All,

We have a customer using Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 which is integrated with their custom made e-Commerce website. Their website is getting almost 4-5 million users per day. As a result we are getting more then 10 million records in the "Session Event" table per day.

We are truncating this table daily, but still tons of I/O requests are there for this table and hence getting locking issues.

Is there any possible way we can stop entering data in the "Session Event" table? Or filter out all instertion from the webusers?



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    lakshanvindanalakshanvindana Member Posts: 79
    find any other solution?
    Lakshan Kulawansa
    ERP Consultant - MS Dynamics NAV
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    bbrownbbrown Member Posts: 3,268
    What is the "Client Type" of these sessions?
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    TechcronusTechcronus Member Posts: 4
    It can be any. RTC, Web client, tablate client and the web users of the retail e-commerce site.

    Whenever any user login/logout, it creates one entry in the "Session Event" table. I want to stop this insertion.
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    Tarek_DemiatiTarek_Demiati Member Posts: 112
    With such high traffic I don't think I would let e-commerce users generate live connections directly to the ERP...
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