Nav 2015 Record Link Blob field limit

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edited 2015-03-30 in NAV Three Tier
Want to use the blob field for notes to hold fairly lengthy comments information.
NAV says that it can hold 2 Gig of data however I can only get it to hold 1026 Bytes of data as maximum

Text below was truncated at the "every s" even though I had much more text.

What is it that is restricting this ?

I cant get any more than RECEIVED subject to the classifications and tariffs in effect on the date of the issue of this Bill of Lading, the property described above in apparent good order, except as noted (contents and condition of packages unknown), marked consigned and destined as indicated above which said carrier (the word carrier being understood through this contract as meaning any person or corporation in possession of the property under the contract) agrees to carry to its usual place of delivery as said destination. If on its route, otherwise to deliver to another carrier on the route to said destination. It is mutually agreed as to each carrier of all or any of said property, over all or any portion of said route to destination and as to each party at any time interested in all or any said property, that every s

Thanks if anyone has any ideas
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