User Access Control NAV 2013 R2

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Dear all,

There are 3 server :
1. Active Directory Server
2. Database & NAV Server (join domain to Active Directory Server)
3. RTC NAV 2013 R2 (join domain to Active Directory Server)
When I run RTC in third server using user A, the user access control was shown and need username and password of Administrator.
Why this is happen? How to avoid user access control?
Please help. Thank you.
Best regards,



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    vremeni4vremeni4 Member Posts: 323

    If I understand this correctly, when you start RTC client a new window pops and asks you to provide User name and password.
    If this is correct then you are right this is UAC in action.
    Here is a link, with a video how to disable it.

    This also implies that RTC client probably was not installed properly on this machine. (e.g. Administrator run installation only for him)

    I hope this helps.
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    johannajohanna Member Posts: 369
    Dear vremeni4,

    Thank you for your response.
    You are right. Administrator install the RTC in client computer.
    I have found the solution by unchecking “Run this program as an administrator” in property of “Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe”.
    Best regards,

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