how to get Server date?

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Navison Install use Client\server, DB is Microsoft SQL, in client , how do i can get Server date?


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    what do you need it for? I do not know any way to get the server date at the client in Navision.
    There might be some workarounds.
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    yanfeng wrote:
    Navison Install use Client\server, DB is Microsoft SQL, in client , how do i can get Server date?

    Hi brother, for this, you can set in Windows 2003 domain policy, I guess so.
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    creat this view on the ms sql in your Navision Database:

    CREATE VIEW dbo.ServerDateTime_View
    SELECT '' AS PK, GETUTCDATE() AS ServerDateTime
    ORDER BY ''

    Create new table in Navision with same name as the view (you can use another
    name in the view),
    create two fields:

    1 PK Code 20
    2 ServerDateTime DateTime

    Set properties:
    DataPerCompany = No
    LinkedObject = Yes

    Save the table. If you make SDT.GET; (SDT is variable of type Record for
    your new table) you have in field SDT.ServerDateTime the server date and

    The field PK is there only as simulation of Primary key to be able to make
    GET for this table...
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    hi kine, how the navision table trigger or link together with the SQL Server view dbo.ServerDateTime_View? May u explain the concept?

    Thank you very much =D>

    Kok Keong
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    It's explained in this thread: (read answers from Waldo and fb).
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    thanks Luc Van Dyck and kine.
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    Or, if tables are hard to find, you could try a little Automation code... (adoRecSet is 'Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.8 Library'.Recordset)
      'SELECT CONVERT(char(25), GETDATE(), 126) AS ServerDateTime',
    theDateTimeString := FORMAT(adoRecSet.Fields.Item(0).Value);
    Of course, you must change 'Server=...' to the name of your SQL server...
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