NAV 2015 memory issues (server)

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I have one client where the memory on the server (which runs NAV) keeps running out, its 8GB and scheduled to be upgraded to 16GB. Viewing task manager indicates that Microsoft.Dynamics.NAV.Server.exe is consuming by far the most memory. I have seen this up at 7000000 KB (7 GB). We have a number of clients on 2015 and they are not getting the same issue.

I can platform upgrade to the latest executables but would also like to know if this is a known issue that's been experience by others?



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    krzychub83krzychub83 Member Posts: 120
    Do you expose any web services from the NAV? If yes do you have control over the code that is consuming those web services?
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    mikhaelmikhael Member Posts: 19

    Have you found any resolution for this?

    We have had recently similar problems with one NAV 2015 customer. During heavy sales invoice posting process NAV Service’s memory usage goes up to ~3gb while memory usage of other NAV 2015 services is at quite steady level 0,5 – 0,7gb per service. Problem is that it seems that memory usage won't decrease after posting process which then slows down the whole server.

    We are using NAV 2015 CU13. Maybe some problem with that release? What is your recommendation of amount of RAM in NAV Service server?

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    archer89archer89 Member Posts: 337
    are the other nav 2015 services on same cu ?
    are there any customizations on the ledger tables (flowfields)?
    you could run sql profiler to check/analyse runtime of sql statements.
    also try out nav app profiler tool.
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    mikhaelmikhael Member Posts: 19

    I explored this issue a bit more and yes, there is no any single answer for the right amount of RAM, but however, I noted an interesting case:

    I have a development database + service (NAV 2016). The memory usage of the NAV service is about 500mb when the NAV is idle, which is normal. I posted one very big general journal batch (+100K rows) which took about one hour and during the posting process the memory usage of that NAV service increased up to ~2,8gb which should be normal and understandable as well. After that I logged out ( I was the only user since that was development database). However, the memory usage of the NAV service was still over 2gb in the next day even though the NAV had been idle all the time(?).

    Is that normal behavior of NAV service that it doesn’t release the memory after heavy processes? Should I restart the NAV service every night to ensure that the memory usage stays at normal level?
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