NAV 2015 Schema Synchronisation

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Before NAV 2015 it was possible to import a FOB file with potentially destroying data (delete, shorten, change data type of fields) IF (and only then) no data were affected. This means, deleting a field with no data in all companies of that given db was perfectly possible, and if data were affected, the FOB import was cancelled. So the import of the object was a perfect last test/validation, for example if a migration tool did forget to delete/move data.

As we know in NAV 2015 the synchronisation paradigma has changed.
Importing a FOB on customer side is now different, the user has to decide between 3 options. If the user choses the option "Now - with validation" and for example a field was deleted, the table remains unsynced, even if no data would be affected because that field is already empty and not necessary anymore.

Is there a kind of test whether data is affected or not? Of course importing a FOB is not a trial end error thing, but as written above, a warning in the appropriate case (and not always) would be nice, wouldnt it? Defacto it were a 4. option, Force - with warning in case of real data loss..

Any ideas? Maybe with PowerShell?

Thx in advance


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    ta5ta5 Member Posts: 1,164
    Nobody? Am I facing a non existing problem?
    Any comments will be appreciated!
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