2009 SP1 Print Orientation

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Hi all,

As many know, when designing Landscape Reports in 2009 SP1 the trick is to switch the Width and Height of the Report Properties to match A4 Landscape layout, and the printer automatically takes these details and prints your report Landscape.

I have discovered today however that many non standard laser printers - such as Zebra and SATO - ignore this and take the orientation directly from the Printer Driver - regardless of what you have set up in Visual Studio.

This is a problem for me. In classic I have a SATO printer with A6 size labels. 50% of the time I use this with Portrait Reports and 50% landscape. In my Classic Client I always used the Orientation setting in the report properties to deal with this and it worked fine.

Now upgrading all my users to 2009 RTC - this is not working any more and I am not sure how to proceed! Any thoughts? Or anyone manage to pull this off with label printers in the past?
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