NAV2015CU4 webclient server error

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On a NAV 2015 testserver I just manually updated with CU4 (I did'nt un-install/re-install, but copied the updated files by hand as in the "old days"), I get a server error when accessing Customers and Items.
the Windows client Works as expected.

I'm running with "CRONUS Danmark A/S" demo data and a partner "Cronus" demo license (I did'nt update the license when installing CU4). Using NavUserPassword authentication.

The error is shown where the list part is supposed to be shown and is (in Danish): "Der er opstået en serverfejl, og indholdet kan ikke vises. Opdater siden, eller åbn et nyt browservindue.".
If I hit F5 I'm kicked out of NAV and gets the login Picture.

I suspect it has something to do with the new social listening factbox on customers and items?


Played around with it for 5 more minutes and found the solution myself. I forgot to update the "Control Add-ins" (sigh).
After deleting them, copying them from a new 2015CU4 installation and importing the ZIP-files for the rows needing one it simply Works...
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