do is need to buy a License for NAV and SQL server

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Hi, i hope you guys could help me out here, i've just upgraded my native database to SQL on SQL server Express 2008 but now i would like to go in the production. i have a nav license for 60 session, so do i also need to buy 60 or more client licenses for SQL Server.



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    Of course, you need to buy correct number of licenses for your SQL Server. Do not forget that SQL is licenses per named user, not concurrent sessions. It means, if you have 120 people working with NAV, you need 120 seats.
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    ratishratish Member Posts: 5
    Thanks, for your reply.
    do you think this could be correct: http://www.erpsoftwareblog.com/2012/12/ ... namics-gp/

    Or how about buying the license by processor?
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    bbrownbbrown Member Posts: 3,268
    SQL Runtime is also an option with NAV. However you should be aware of the restrictions and be able to live with them before going this route.

    SQL is licensed by the processor core, not by the socket. Sometimes this can be more cost effective with larger installations. Also in situation where you can't control the number of users. However the trap often overlooked is the cost of the next server. Say for something like BI. That server comes at the cost of a full set of core licenses. Where as with the server + CAL approach the second server is just a server license.

    You should look at all the licensing options and choose the one that best fits your needs. It is all the same software. The only differences are the cost and your licensing rights.
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