Job Scheduler issues

SpyrootSpyroot Member Posts: 45
Hello All,

Our Job schedule Management has been running for the last 5 years with out any issue. Suddenly stop picking (running) assigned reports or code units. Objects are enable and job schedule is running. Pic below is showing scheduler running but "Last Job ID" is blank, meaning that so far no job has been executed.

Dates and times related with jobs are current. NAV services stop-start every night.

Also we have not modify or apply any changes that may affect Job Scheduler Management.

Any suggestions?


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    SpyrootSpyroot Member Posts: 45

    Found the issue!
    After troubleshooting and run all reports involved on job scheduler manually, I found out that one job (Code Unit) was enable but we are not using it at all.

    After disabling that job, everything start working normal. ](*,)
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