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I am trying to create a new budget, and would like to set the first dimension on the value : DEPARTEMENT and the second one to the value : Project

In page 121 : Edit G/L Budget Names.
/Departments/Financial Management/General Ledger/G/L Budgets

But i got this error :

This dimension is used in the folowing setup : General Ledger Setup. You cannot use the same dimensioni in the same budget.

I don't understand why : what the link between budget, and general Ledger Setup ?

Why can't I create a budget fully independently of the configuration of the general ledger Setup ??????
it's just a budget, that mean an amount of money for some crossed dimension right ?

Thx for you light...


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    JuhaJuha Member Posts: 39
    Department and/or Project are in your Global dimensions. Global dimensions are always included in a G/L budget, so when you try to add it again it will be included in the budget twice which is not possible.
    Make the budget without any dimensions and you will see that the 2 global dimensions are there.

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