Random empty files generated from Navision through Jobs

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Dear All,

We are experiencing an issue whereby there is a job run at specific intervals which should be generating a text file after each run.
Sometimes, the text file being generated is empty. However, it has a size more than 1kb and if opened with notepad++ shows nul values.
This is a very random behaviour and we are unable to understand in which cases it is generating an empty text file.

For info, we have already investigated on the following paths:
• The job setup is checked-No issues found
• Job log is checked -job is running without error
• Files and the data have been checked- No issue found
• Checked logs on NAS and DB servers -no issues found
• The empty files generated when the job fails however seem to contain a blank lines -size of this file is not 0 kb
• Wild and special characters in data export have been tested when job is run on NAS- No issue found
• Codes have been checked - all sequencing is ok
• Checked if other job is taking longer and impacting this job -no issues found
• Jobs have been run in another environment via job - files generated successfully
• The NAS parameters checked
• Trend of issue, like empty file is generated same time each day-no pattern or trend found

Thanking you in advance,

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