Call NAV Webservice from Javascript - browser issues

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Hi everyone!

After reading the great post by freddyk on connecting to NAV webserivces through JavaScript here ;http://blogs.msdn.com/b/freddyk/archive/2010/01/21/connecting-to-nav-web-services-from-javascript.aspx

I'm trying to grasp how to get this piece of code to work with other browsers that Internet Explorer
I have tested IE8,IE9,IE11 that they can work, but firefox, chrome just won't.

A response from a user in the above link gives a hint about it being CORS related - but I'm not clever enough to understand it - yet!
So I set up a webwserver (apache), which a) serves the HTML/JS files and b) acts as a HTTP-proxy for the NAV Webservice. With this configuration, I succeed loading your example with Firefox 3.6.13 perfectly.

Does anyone know how to setup a HTTP-proxy for a NAV webservice?
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