Completely Changing A Page Caption Dynamically

jdownjdown Member Posts: 8
edited 2015-02-17 in NAV Three Tier
Is is possible to completely change a page caption dynamically (at run-time)? I am aware of the DataCaptionExpr property, but this seems to only allow me to change part of the page caption.

For example, if I have a page called "Generic Dialog" that I wish to reuse for various purposes (e.g. it may be to display a legend, a list of selected lines asking for confirmation etc.), I want to be able to change the page caption to match the context of what the page is being used for. However, it seems I am stuck with the following format:


I would like to remove the View|Edit and Page Caption sections. This would look more like this:


The best I can come up with is to set the Page Caption property to "-", which then yields something like so:


Is it possible to remove the View|Edit and Page Caption text? ](*,)

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