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guidorobbenguidorobben Posts: 157Member
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Is there a way to remove the Schedule.. button from the reports in 2015? I have looked at all the properties, but it doesn't looks like there is a way.

I just want to avoid that some reports are scheduled.


  • BardurKnudsenBardurKnudsen Posts: 137Member, Microsoft Employee
    However, when you run a report modally (RUNMODAL), it will not show the Schedule... button, as the RUNMODAL implies that the report/batch job should be processed in context of the code (e.g. Copy Document).
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  • Mark_BrummelMark_Brummel Posts: 4,262Member, Moderators Design Patterns
    Without looking at the code and details I seem to remember that a trigger is fired when scheduling a report. I guess you can add some (generic) code there that prevents reports from being scheduled.

    The button will still be there though.
  • emerikspemeriksp RødovrePosts: 9Member
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    The schedule button only appears on ProcessingOnly-reports.
    As mentioned above, running the report modally might remove the button too.

    I am not aware of other ways to hide the Schedule-button.

    Otherwise, have a look at function ReportScheduler() in codeunit 1, which calls the report scheduler page 682. (True for NAV2017, I haven't checked with NAV 2015)
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