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Dear all,

The 'MM/dd/yyyy' date format is appearing in a particular report from a particular Client(PC) whereas other clients can see the date format as dd/MM/yyyy in the same report.

I have SET the date format as 'dd/MM/yyyy' in the 'Regional and Language' Setting window but it does not change anything in the Report Printout(Preview).

Note : 1. The Change is noticeable in the About This Report Screen only.
2. NAV 2013 R2 Environment.

What is the reason behind it ?
Kindly reply.
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    vremeni4vremeni4 Member Posts: 323

    NAV client users the regional and language settings on the local pc to show the date/time/numbers.
    In you case, the date is in format 'MM/dd/yyyy' which means that the machine, most likely, uses United States as default language.

    One way to resolve this issue is to change the language to e.g. UK this would fix the date issue.
    It is very important to make sure that this language is set as default language, otherwise US will be still used. (In the right corner of the screen users usually can change the language, so they may leave it to US )

    Another option is you can leave US as a default language but change date format. In that case make sure that you click on "Additional settings..." button and change the date format there too.

    Third options is you can use FORMAT command in NAV report to force the date to be always in particular format. Personally I would do this only if or other options fail.

    I hope this helps.
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    navuser1navuser1 Member Posts: 1,329
    All the client machines have the same regional setting but the result are coming different. BTW the 3rd option is already chosen until the matter is solved.
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