Odd behaviour of ID changing in NAV 2015 client

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I recently encountered a strange issue. A user logins as Fin-Asst into Windows with the correct domain and user id. When the NAV 2015 client opens up, the id is shown as local-server\Administrator. This only applies on one machine. We have never used the local-server\Administrator account on that machine before.

This is extremely strange because of the following reasons:
1) All the other users are login as themselves in NAV 2015 with the correct Domain and user ID.
2) The user in question Fin-Asst is able to login in Remote desktop to the server without any issues. The user ID and domain is correct.
3) The user in question Fin-Asst is able to login from other machines without any issues. The user ID and domain is correct.

Does anyone have any suggestion how a user logging from one machine can be seen as a different user in NAV 2015?

Thank you,


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    vremeni4vremeni4 Member Posts: 323

    I experienced the same issue with NAV 2013 R2. The problem is caused by mismatch in SID numbers on the local machine. (user is local admin on the machine but at the same time user is in the local administrator group)
    In general I think this is a Microsoft bug in Windows 7 as I did not get this issue in Windows 8

    The only way to resolve this issue in Windows 7 was:
    1. On the local machine go to Computer management -> Local Users and Groups -> Users
    2. Here you should find that user is inserted as local Administrator with his name. Delete this entry. (Only Administrator and Guest should be visible in this menu)
    3. Select folder Group -> also delete the user from administrator group. (make sure user is in the Users group)
    4. Delete user form NAV and from SQL too. (as it may use old SID number)
    5. Restart machine, add user to NAV.

    The problem should be fixed now.

    I hope this helps.
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    engsiong75engsiong75 Member Posts: 143
    I will test out your solution and get back to you.

    Thank you

    Tan Eng Siong
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