Navision career question - yet again!!

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Good time ago I posted a thread related to Nav career. I had mentioned about having an opportunity on Oracle after good number of years experience in NAV (7-8 years to be exact) and not taking that Oracle opportunity.

So I am still with NAV and I am enjoying it. Well I really do think I am not progressing that much now. I do customization here and there on which I am pretty good at it. C/SIDE code writing I think I have pretty much all the expertise.

When I develop or change in NAV I always keep in mind Navision existing features and do not redevelop existing features.

I do get bit of a chance also to work on SQL features like SSRS and SSIS etc.

Now that after all these years I feel I am stuck in routine work and I cant figure out how I can take my expertise to next level. I am pretty much hungry to develop my self but I am not getting the platform or ideas where to start.

At the moment I am working with an End User and through out my career I have been doing the same. Is it now good idea to move to a partner and gradually become a tech consultant or something. I want to develop in a big level or assist someone in higher level of development.

I am willing to invest money on my career as well so is it good idea to attend NAV or dynamics related seminars or enroll in a university and do some course? Do .NET development?

I just need a guidance please. If some one hiring please do let me know also within UK

Thank you so much.

Your help will be appreciated.
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    I think in your position I would consider finding a job as a developer with a NAV partner. Find one that keeps up to date with all the latest greatest new developments. Make sure you don't end up with one of those partners that only wants to work with the classic client. Find one that loves to explore new technologies, and volunteer to take on projects, even if that is in your own time.

    There is plenty of challenging work out there, maybe even more than at any time before. So many different technologies to choose from, so many different directions.
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    This is good advice from Daniel. I will also add, learn what it really means to be a consultant before you start interviewing. It's a different world than working for an end user and often not the easiest transition. I struggled with it for a while. You'll probably need to be able estimate in more detail than you're used to for example. Will need to know what is billable and what is not.
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    Thanks Dan and Matt

    I will act on your advices
    United Kingdom
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