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SIPASIPA Member Posts: 6
Hello everyone,

I'm currently facing an ugly error and I can't find the reason.
The scenario is the following:

Our customer is having a development machine and a live machine.
Both machines are able to access the same database.

If I logg on the development machine and run the code to access a REST-Api which lays beyond the customers network, the API is accessable.
Otherwise while running the same code on the live machine (still the same database) I get the following error:

"The call to member send failed. msxml3.dll returned the following message: Access denied" (Translated from german)

The code is the following:




HTTP.send(); //Line where error occurs

IF HTTP.status <> 200 THEN
ERROR(FORMAT(HTTP.status)+' '+HTTP.statusText);

Although I "debugged" the problem with the API-developers by checking logfiles if any access was logged on the api when getting the error.
The connection didn't reach the api.

I've already tried every Automation Server from Microsoft XML, v3.0 to Microsoft XML, v6.0 and switched classes vom ServerXMLHTTP up to XMLHTTP60.
Most times the error only switched "...msxml6.dll...".

My problem is that I'm not well trained with code outside of NAV and I'm having no idea how to get a more detailed error.
Maybe some of you got any ideas.

Best regards from germany,

//EDIT: Both machines got the same NAV build NAV 2009 R2 (Classic) 6.00.32012


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    eyolfthoeyolftho Member Posts: 18
    My guess: Different DNS or firewall settings on the 2 computers
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    SIPASIPA Member Posts: 6
    Hi eyolftho,

    I've already mentioned this to the internal IT of our customer but they've told me the firewall wouldn't block this request.
    Both machines got no direct firewall, so the machines should be secured with a Firewall controling the whole network.

    Which differences in DNS-Settings could block this? Any further idea for this? ^^"

    Best regards
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    eyolfthoeyolftho Member Posts: 18
    Have you tried to access the service from a browser window on both machines?
    If the production machine is a windows server 2003-> the default settings will not allow access to the internet
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    SIPASIPA Member Posts: 6
    Yes, I've already checked that - I'm able to access the URL with Internetexplorer on both machines.
    Only the Navision automation seems to have this issues while connecting.

    The machines are both running on Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Enterprise.
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