Safe to update values in Sales Invoice Header table?

kalapossukalapossu Member Posts: 5
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I would like to run a few SQL updates to Sales Invoice Header. The fields have no "financial relevance", i.e. they do not affect postings or some such (think e.g. of the "No_ Printed" column). I assume this is safe to do (I know NAV has the Object Tracking table that contains timestamps and doing an update to Sales Invoice Header will update the rows timestamp - but NAV doesn't seem to make any updates to object tracking when e.g. No_ Printed is incremented).

Thank you all!


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    txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 492

    navision code is stored into objects.

    I would do it but first, I would backup database.

    If you want to check what navision does with the field you want to update go to object designer and check table and form(s) of that field.
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