NAV 2013 RDLC Report Stuck on Rows received: 0

abz_tecmanabz_tecman Member Posts: 27
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Dynamics NAV 2013 R1

Windows Server 2008 Terminal Server, user RDP's

note that saving As PDF is fine, the issue is report specific.


Was wondering if you could help, I have created a bespoke sales order confimation report. When a user

- creates a new sales order and prints the confirmation straight away, it is fine,

- if a user tries to print an existing sales order (we get the progress window and the stop watch just carries on whilst rows received: 0). Although the blue bar continues to scroll It will stay like this for ages. At the moment the user has to go to another machine for confirmation prints.


Any ideas?


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    lubostlubost Member Posts: 619

    try to check if any printer is installed (or captured) in RDP environment.
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