Active Session Error

vivek4121vivek4121 Member Posts: 165
Hi All,

Can anyone let me know the reason / cause of the below error message :

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The Active Session does not exist. Identification fields and values: Server Instance ID='16',Session ID='49'


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    vremeni4vremeni4 Member Posts: 323

    There is internal table "Active Session" which NAV uses to store information about when a user logged in or logged of from nav, what was the client and also the session number.
    These are the fields from this table.
    [Server Instance ID], [Session ID], [User SID], [Server Instance Name], [Server Computer Name], [User ID], [Client Type], [Client Computer Name], [Login Datetime], [Database Name]

    This table is regularly empted by the system. In the configuration file of NAV Server Service (look for "Session Event Table retain period" ) you can setup how often you want this table to be cleared.

    Sometimes this table contains records which are form an old database or form another server, or it was not cleared properly, then you get the error message from your post.

    I hope this helps.
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    abaninasabaninas Member Posts: 11
    Hi vremeni4,

    I'm still face this error

    Any help?
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