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I am a newbie self-learning NAV. Some of queries may be foolish ones, hoping to hear from you genius experts!
Really confused with licensing framework.

1. I can identify two types of licenses - Customer license vs Partner license. Customer license is the license for ERP product and includes system functionality packages (starter/extended) and user access(full/limited user). Partner license is what a dev partner subscribes to. There is no relation among those two types, right?

2. Is a development partner able to make changes to any of the primitive objects (tables/codeunits) that come pre-installed with Starter/Extended pack. Is development partner allowed to modify/enhance the system functionality to any extent?

3. When a development partner registers with Microsoft, is it given a fixed set of object IDs that it will be using to create new objects? Would it be using same set of IDs for all the customers it would be implementing NAV? So, these IDs are globally unique - no two dev partners be having same IDs?

4. When I connect to RTC using my domain account,, I act as a Full User under Customer License (I can see my user set as full user under Departments=>administration=>General=>Users). If I connect to NAV DEV ENVIRONMENT, I CAN design almost all the tables, but CAN'T any of the CODEUNITS. So, how does security work on DEV Environment???


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    Sebastien_KonsbruckSebastien_Konsbruck Member Posts: 30
    Hi logipad.

    This link leads you to a Microsoft .pdf document explaining the different actual licencing types:
    http://www.saasplaza.com/sites/default/ ... er2014.pdf

    If you already are a Microsoft Dynamics NAV customer with running maintenance contract, ask your Microsoft partner company to give you access to the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Source.
    This link will lead you there: https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource/uk.

    Once logged in, you can download NAV training material from Microsoft, as well as the latest NAV release.
    You can find a lot of information only be accessing their knowledge database.

    Good luck!
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