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stonystony Member Posts: 122
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I would like to add a tag group in the menu Home.
In the Action tab it works but how it can do it in the Home tab.



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    andrewtandrewt Member Posts: 73
    Hello stony,

    to populate an action item to the Home tab, first of all on the action item itself you will have to set the property Promoted to YES.
    Use the PromotedCategory property to specify the group the action item will appear on the Home page.
    There are three built-in categories defined : New, Process, Report. You can use additional categories 4 to 10 for your own purposes.

    To specify the group name shown on the Home tab, you will have to set the PromotedActionCategoriesML Property on the page properties. You will have to consider the three built-in Categories to ensure not to rename these and extend the option string with your additional naming for the additional groups you use, e.g. ENU=New,Process,Report,MyOwnCategory1,MyOwnCategory2,...

    Hope this helps
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    stonystony Member Posts: 122
    Yes, I did it. Only the start tab sees differently than in the Action tab.
    See Screenshots
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    andrewtandrewt Member Posts: 73
    Hmm - difficult to say without looking at the action item property details.
    Basically, I would suggest to add ActionGroup items to the action items within the ActionItems Container with similar naming as used for the PromotedCategories to provide an identical grouping/naming on you Home and Action tabs.

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