Scrap Handling in NAV 2013

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In Navision Manufacturing I have a query about the SCRAP.

Suppose that I have a Coil of 100 kg Weight and I have consume 60 kg for that coil remaining coil is 40 KG.

1 PCS = 10 KG (unit of measure conversion), I have make a production order of 6 PCS then automatic consumption of 60 KG

through BOM component. In routing 3 stages are involved for producing 6 PCS o/p. These 3 stages some scrap is produced

and always variation in scrap if making different FG. Process wise scrap

Ist process- 1kg,IInd process- 500gm,IIIrd process - No scrap

total 1.5 kg scrap for producing 6 PCS of Item. Then the 1.5 KG of scrap sale to the scrap dealer.

In Navision how can manage the SCRAP Quantity according that scenario.

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